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We believe in bringing the beautiful stories behind science/scientists to the world! Effective science communication achieves the goal of knowledge transfer. But great science communication captures the imagination and inspires. Great science communication takes advantage of one of the oldest human traditions - storytelling! And hey, there is science behind it - our brains induce oxytocin production when we are exposed to well crafted character-driven stories and oxytocin makes us donate to charity, cooperate with others, and generally be better humans. If that wasn't benefit enough, character-driven stories that emotionally resonate with audiences also improve understanding of complex science concepts. In fact, great science communication is so important that it was even highlighted in the esteemed scientific journal PNAS! We didn't need research to tell us that narratives are more engaging, but the research is clear - stories resonate more than data. Every 21st-century scientist can and must become an expert communicator! See for yourself how our science communication workshops have helped others become effective science communicators. 

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